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Claire is available to create custom artwork for businesses and individuals. Explore her portfolio of previous commissions below, and contact Claire for more information.

  • A woman standing next to a billboard she designed

    Claire recently collaborated with SEEDS Garden in Brunswick to create a poster for their annual Soup Festival in Merri-Bek.

  • Claire worked with the team at the Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne to create a Seek and Find card about the endangered Southern Brown Bandicoot. This included researching what the Bandicoots eat, their habitats and relationship with fungi!

  • Claire collaborated with the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and MPavilion to create a map and to inspire a journey between the two locations. The card focused on the senses, textures and the local flora and fauna of the spaces.

  • For the wedding of Mel and Kiri, Claire had the pleasure of painting some of their favourite flora and fauna. Including the Yellow Tail Black Cockatoo and the Tui from New Zealand.

  • Claire’s original illustrations were used for this cute tea towel for Think Thornbury to celebrate 2022.

  • A watercolour comic strip about a birthday party

    Claire was commissioned by the ABC to create a comic for disability awareness week.

  • The Northcote Bakeshop Claire asked to create a special Spring Bingo during lockdown.

  • Over the last few years, Claire has worked with NECCHI, a neighbourhood house group creating screen printed images for the semester events.

  • Claire worked closely with the team at the Botanic Gardens to create a series of early years resources to be used in their Biomimicry programs!

  • Hands holding a selection of illustrated cards up to the sky

    Customised nature cards for the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Commission client testimonials

    “SEEDs Communal Garden commissioned Claire as an artist to help us create a number of fliers for the garden and most recently artwork for our Soup Festival. Claire is very friendly, professional, collaborative and always a pleasure to work with. She takes the time to listen to our intention and connect to our values and then communicates throughout the design process to ensure that the vision is being met. She is versatile in her ability to create and adapt a range of different art pieces including flyers, social media banners and large scale noticeboards. Thanks Claire!”

    — Jo, SEEDS

    “Creative, genuine, considered - Claire is a gifted artist and a unique collaborator. As a commissioned artist she takes the seed of an idea and through her process creates something truly special. There is a depth to her approach, she is committed to understanding intent, purpose and desired outcome without ever losing sight of beauty and joy her work brings to audiences.”

    — Sally, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

    “Claire's work feels like a part of the furniture here at Joe's Market Garden. Her illustrations which have helped communicate events and are seen on our calenders blend seamlessly with the beauty of the Merri Creek we sit upon.”

    — Emily, Joes Market Garden